Mobile Podcast

Film at the places that reflect your style

Video Production

Professional Shooting - Adverts and Content creation that reaches people.

Grow Your Online Presence

Crafted content and hand-picked angles to engage with your audience.First Class Post-Production Editing to suit your needs.


We Create

Paritai Studio was born as a space for those who want to share and connect with people from all around the world.
We provide both beginners and professional media creators with high quality audio and video services.
Make your brand reach, everywhere.

In-Studio Podcast

Land into a space ready to go loaded with all you need to start filming your Podcast or Radio Show. Engineer included. Post-Editing available.

Mobile Studio

It doesn't matter where you are. The creative process will follow through. We Follow as well.

Website Design

To get out there to leave your mark. To Be Known. Responsible Web Design is the way.

Photo Shoot

Captive fashion Model Photography. Portrait and e-commerce product shooting.
Outsourcing Network of Professionals dedicated to multi media production ready to fit your modeling needs. 

About Us

Audiovisual Engineering at Your Fingertips

Certainly elsewhere we go we find ourselves looking at a screen or hearing music or radio. Waves of information that have been shaped for our entertainment and amusement. We are all creators. Some of us dive deep into the technical aspect of technology and learn from it to give creators the advantage of a knowledgable team right at their fingertips.

Tech savvy and passion for what we do makes us a perfect match for creators from all over the world. Doesn’t matter how big or small, our commitment to bring your ideas to reality will be the same. Get a quote with us and tell us a bit about you or your brand today. 


Production Timeline


Studio One

The founding corner of Paritai Recording Studio. A Podcast Room fully equiped.  

Hire the room $35
3 HD cameras ~ 4 professional grade microphones. In-Floor Engineer and the perfect lighting. Hire by the hour for any service ( Podcast ~ Radio ~ Live Streaming ~ Vlog ~ Youtube Creators )
Monthly Bundle $185
4 HD cameras ~ 4 professional grade microphones. In-Floor Engineer and the perfect lighting. With a Monthly Bundle and get up to 8 hours for a fraction of the price ( Podcast ~ Radio ~ Live Streaming ~ Vlog ~ Youtube Creators )
Season Bundle $270
Get a whole Podcast Season done and dusted. Up to 12 episodes of HighQuality Audio and Video. Valid for all our other services up to 20hs. or recording.

Mobile Podcast & Live Performance Recording

Your space as a canvas

Studio One is more than a simple Set-Up. It can be relocated at will and fit any space you have set up to start your podcast. 

3 camera setting with up to 6 microphones for your guests. Take your show anywhere you are and have a constant engagement with your public without loosing days if you are on the move.

We offer to fit the services to any type of scenario, from coffee shops to offices, conference rooms, pubs, Living rooms, rooftop restaurants, the possibilities are as flexible as you can imagine.

Mobile service  includes 1 camera crew member and a controls engineer, it can be set-up in 30 minutes or less and packed-up as fast as that. 

The same Mobile Studio can be set up to record band rehearsals and get the performance on High Quality Audio & Video


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© 2023 Paritai Studio Limited – All Rights Reserved

© 2023 Paritai Studio Limited – All Rights Reserved