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About Us

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We come from sound and static photography.

We where there when the internet was young and advertisement laid in the hands of big agencies. We watched the world change, evolve, computers getting smaller. Moments became easy to capture, TVs are now the background noise, and the real public is watching through every window.


Knowing where to go is knowing where we come from. Our roots are analog and the future is digital.

The origins of PariTai or High Tide

Tai Pari

In the ancient lands of Aotearoa, New Zealand, there existed a legend passed down through generations about the Tai Pari, or the High Tide. According to the tale, long ago, the gods and spirits of the sea and the earth came together in a grand gathering to decide the boundaries between their realms. The land was a gift from the Earth Mother, Papatūānuku, while the sea was a gift from the Sky Father, Ranginui.

The gods and spirits worked tirelessly for many days and nights, marking out the edges of the lands, carving rivers and mountains, and shaping the valleys. Yet they could not agree on one thing: the lands that touched the waters’ edge, those unclaimed territories where the sea met the earth.

As the argument grew more heated, the God of the Sea, Tangaroa, raised his mighty voice, “These lands belong to me! I will claim them all as my own!” While the Goddess of the Earth, Papatūānuku, fiercely countered, “No! These lands are mine! They are a part of my body, and they shall remain under my care!”

The argument raged on for days and nights until the great god Tu, the embodiment of peace and harmony, intervened. He suggested that they share these lands in harmony, recognizing their interconnection and allowing both realms to coexist. However, this compromise was met with resistance from both parties, as neither would relinquish control.

One day, as the sun began to rise over the horizon, the gods and spirits noticed something unusual. The tide had risen higher than ever before, covering not just the shores but also the lands that once belonged to one or the other. This unprecedented event became known as the Tai Pari – the High Tide.

As the waters rose, the land was submerged, and a strange thing happened: the spirits of the sea and the earth began to meld together, forming a new unity. The once separate beings came to realize that they could not live without one another, and that their true power lay in working together in harmony.

As the tide receded, leaving behind wetlands, sandy beaches, and tidal pools, the gods and spirits retreated to their respective realms but with a newfound respect for one another. They understood that the lands that touched the waters’ edge – the lands of the Tai Pari – held great significance as they were reminders of the interconnectedness between the realms and the importance of unity and harmony.

From that day on, the Tai Pari became a symbol of the connection between the land and the sea, representing the unity between the gods and spirits of Aotearoa and reminding us all to cherish and protect the delicate balance between these realms for generations to come.

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